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Jewelry by Grundled

About Jewelry by Grundled

Behind Jewelry by Grundled you will find designer and owner Helle Just Weiling, who runs the brand from her design studio and showroom Aarhus C together with her husband Martin Ejvind Arthur Weiling.

It all started as an immersion project in 2015. Since it has unfolded into much more – not least by virtue of a love for detail and for the refined process of shaping and assembling the individual small parts and making everything come together into a higher unity. Jewelry by Grundled offers timeless, elegant, individual, feminine and minimalist jewelry. The jewelry is designed in our small design studio in Aarhus C with a passion for simple aesthetics and Nordic design.

I love to create jewelry with a touch of simple elegance in a graphic and minimalist style that you can express through you and your personality.

I strive to create timeless and classic designs that "last beyond the season" and I advocate lasting style rather than passing trends.

For me, It's a great privilege to do something I love the most, and I feel so lucky and grateful that you guys are following along. THANK YOU SO MUCH - You are the best

The story behind Jewelry by Grundled


A designer was born

Helle was born in 1981 and grew up in the small West Jutland town of Struer with her mother, father and older brother.

She moved at the age of 18, first to Aarhus and then Paris, where she lived and worked at a French family. After the stay abroad in France and a few longer trips to both Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Brazil, she started at Holbæk Art College, where creativity really took off. Then moved to Copenhagen to pursue his big dream of becoming a goldsmith. Unfortunately, it turned out that the teacher's places did not hang on the trees.

In Copenhagen, Helle met her current husband, father of their children and partner in Jewelry by Grundled, Martin Ejvind Arthur Weiling.

Together Helle and Martin moved "back" to Aarhus..., good enough without an apprenticeship or goldsmith training. But not without blood on his teeth to create jewelry and his own jewelry brand.


Jewelry by Grundled saw the light of day

In 2015, Helle started Just Weiling Jewelry by Grundled. She opened her workshop and office in a cozy half-timbered house in Vestergade in central Aarhus.

From here Helle began to design and develop her own jewelry. It all started as an immersion project – not least because of a love for detail and for the refined process of shaping and assembling the individual small parts and making everything fit into a higher unity.

The sale was not big, but enough that Helle felt this could become more than just a hobby. Jewelry by Grundled was a regular part of the design markets FindersKeepers, Upcomers, Formland, North Modern and Nordkraft.


The stores were added and sales took off

Already in 2016, Helle could feel the great interest in her brand and designs, and several stores came and wanted to sell the jewelry in their physical stores. Including ARoS Art Museum, Illums Bolighus, Trapholt, Utzon, Kunsten, Brandts, Designer Zoo and many more.

Also abroad, Jewelry by Grundled became aware of it and the jewelry is now sold in Japan, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Sweden, Iceland and Belgium.

Jewelry by Grundled was at this time sold in more than 100 stores around the world.


A new beginning

As we are all familiar with, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) started its inroads at the beginning of 2020 and quietly shut down the whole world around us all. Both restaurants, venues, shops and thereby also all of Jewelry by Grundled's wonderful retailers had to close down for a longer, uncertain period.

Like many others, Jewelry by Grundled therefore had to rethink its presence and therefore began to market itself online and create sales from own webshop. The success from the stores fortunately continued online and since then it has only gone one way and that is forward.

Jewelry by Grundled is now both an online store, but is also still sold in many stores around the country and abroad.


More hands and new skills

As Jewelry by Grundled gained more momentum, more task types were added. And therefore also the need for more hands.

The production/packing team must therefore today be counted on two hands.

In 2022, Helle's husband Martin Ejvind Arthur Weiling joined the day-to-day operations in earnest. Alongside Jewelry by Grundled, he runs his own digital brand and design studio called Mundfuld Studio and WeDoShops, which specializes in designing and creating visual digital solutions and webshops. It therefore made sense that Martin, who is a designer and creative director, took over the online presence at Jewelry by Grundled.

Also in 2022, Mads Kivi Jensen joined as Strategic Advisor. He came from a position as Commercial Director at Søstrene Grene and today helps grow Jewelry by Grundled.

In addition to these profiles, Sandra Schmidt was also added. Today, she is responsible for all SoMe communication on Instagram.


New premises and showroom

On May 1, 2023, Jewelry by Grundled will take over new premises at Nørre Allé 13 in the old charming building from 1912, which previously housed the Dansk Filmfabrik which produced silent films.

From here, Jewelry by Grundled will open its doors for purchase in the showroom.

We are looking forward to 2023! Thanks for following along. You are fantastic.

The warmest greetings from
Helle, Martin and the entire Jewelry by Grundled team.

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