About Jewelry by Grundled

Behind Jewelry by Grundled you will find designer and owner Helle Just Weiling (born 1981) who runs the brand from her own design studio at Store Torv in Aarhus C with her husband, Martin Ejvind Arthur Weiling (born 1981) and their lovely team.

It all started as an immersion project back in 2015. Since then it has developed into much more - not least by virtue of (eller: not least because of) a love for detail and for the refined process it is to shape and assemble each small piece and make it all come together. In every single piece of jewelry.

The word ‘grundled’ means the grammatical subject. The personal. And the name precisely (eller: exactly) is meant to emphasize the close relation between every piece of jewelry and the hands that have created it. The subject is what it is all about; it is the foundation and that which drives me forward (eller: motivates me).

Jewelry by Grundled offers timeless, elegant, simple, feminine, and minimalistic jewelry. The jewelry is designed in our small design studio in Aarhus C with passion for simple aesthetic and Nordic design.

I love creating jewelry with a touch of simple elegance in a graphical and minimalistic language, through which you can express yourself and your personality.

I aim to create timeless and classic designs that “go beyond the season” and I support long lasting style rather than temporary tendencies (eller: trends).

For me it is a big privilege to do what I love the most, and I feel so lucky and grateful that you follow along.

THANK YOU SO MUCH - you are the best!

Designer and Owner
Helle Just Weiling