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Luna Earrings - 18 carat gold platedLuna Earrings - 18 carat gold plated
» Fiona Earrings - 18 carat gold-plated (100% off)
Fiona Earrings - 18 carat gold platedFiona Earrings - 18 carat gold plated
Ellen Earrings - 18 carat gold platedEllen Earrings - 18 carat gold plated
Elvira Earrings - 18 carat gold platedElvira Earrings - 18 carat gold plated
Luna Earrings - Silver PlatedLuna Earrings - Silver Plated
Luna Earrings - Silver Plated Sale priceDKK 269,00
Fiona Earrings - Silver PlatedFiona Earrings - Silver Plated
Fiona Earrings - Silver Plated Sale priceDKK 289,00
Ellen Earrings - Silver PlatedEllen Earrings - Silver Plated
Ellen Earrings - Silver Plated Sale priceDKK 289,00
» Luna Earrings - 18 carat gold-plated (100% off)
Save 30%
Elvira Earrings - Silver PlatedElvira Earrings - Silver Plated
Elvira Earrings - Silver Plated Sale priceDKK 230,00 Normal priceDKK 329,00 You save DKK 99,00

Everyone deserves to feel beautiful, and here jewelry can really help make a difference. A pair of beautiful earrings can put the finishing touch on your look and make all the details come together.

In our range of stud earrings, you will find simple and feminine earrings to suit any mood you may be in, whether you are going for a casual expression or something more elegant and sophisticated.

Which ear tips should I choose?

There are a ton of ear studs in different designs, so it comes down to what you're after. Many ear studs have a small and stylish design, which means that the earring does not reach far below the earlobe, which gives a discreet but nice look. You can also get studs that have a larger design that makes a nice statement.

In addition, it is relevant to consider whether you have a preference for gold or silver. Some women have a preference for one metal, while others love both. At Jewelry by Grundled you will find a little bit of everything. You can get ear studs in different designs, sizes and colours, so with us you are sure to be able to spot earrings you will surely love.

Explore your personal style with cheap earrings

It's refreshing to experiment with your style and try something new. Therefore, do not hold yourself back from being inspired by our wonderful selection of cheap ear studs.

You can mix and match our studs to create an interesting edged look. If you have several holes in your ears, you can, for example, combine a pair of simple and discreet ear studs with a set that is more eye-catching. You can also compliment your earrings with a necklace, ring or bracelet in another metal to give your outfit more depth.

There are many possibilities when it comes to developing your personal style, because here only the imagination sets the limits. However, the most important thing to remember is that you should feel beautiful and comfortable.

Give her a pair of beautiful earrings

If you want to celebrate someone you love, you can't go wrong with beautiful earrings. It's the perfect gift because a pair of beautiful earrings can complete any look, which is why earrings are a must-have for most women. Regardless of whether it's your mother's birthday soon, your sister will be a student, or you have an anniversary with your boyfriend, a pair of nice earrings is therefore a good choice.

At Jewelry by Grundled, you will find earrings for every taste, so you are guaranteed to find something that suits her style. You can possibly choose a pair of stylish earrings, which can spice up everyday clothes a little more, but you can also go for a pair of elegant and dramatic ear studs, which are especially suitable for special occasions.

Buy simple and stylish jewelry here

Jewelry by Grundled is your destination when it comes to minimalist and feminine jewelry that doesn't speak to passing trends, but instead has a classic and timeless expression that lasts beyond the season.

We would like to offer you jewelery at good prices, but we do not compromise on quality. Therefore, most of our jewelery is handmade or hand-assembled in Denmark, so you can be sure that we have taken care of the details.

On this page, we have collected our range of cheap earrings so that you can easily get an overview and find the earrings that best compliment your personal style. Look through our selection of beautiful earrings and let yourself be inspired.