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Letter Pendant A-Z - 18 carat gold-platedLetter Pendant A-Z - 18 carat gold-plated
Letter Necklace A-Z - 18 carat gold platedLetter Necklace A-Z - 18 carat gold plated
Letter Earring A-Z - 18 carat gold platedLetter Earring A-Z - 18 carat gold plated

Necklaces, earrings and bracelets with letters are gradually seen everywhere in street scenes and on social media. It's a fantastically simple piece of jewelery that exudes personality and a story behind it. Letter jewelery is classic jewelery that can be worn by anyone regardless of gender, style and age. It's a stylish piece of jewelry, which is guaranteed to have great meaning for the person who wears it.

At Jewelry by Grundled, we are proud to have a selection of jewelery with letters represented in our range. You can go the classic route and choose a simple gold-plated necklace and then add whatever letter you want. You can also go a little more unconventional and choose a pair of beautiful earrings with a letter in them. Whatever letter jewelry you choose, you can be sure to get a good quality piece of jewelry that you can wear every single day.


Personalized Letter Jewelry 

Jewellery with letters is incredibly personal. There is usually always a nice thought or story behind the piece of jewellery, and you are guaranteed to be happy every time you think about that. Maybe you choose a letter that represents someone you care a lot about. With this very special person's initial hanging around your neck or in your earring, you will feel that they are always with you. It's a sweet thought that will surely bring a smile to the face of both yourself and the person in question.


Letter jewelry is the perfect gift

Jewelry with letters is the perfect gift for someone you love. We have very good experience in selling letter jewelry, and they are almost never returned. This shows that it is a beautiful and good gift, which the vast majority of people greatly appreciate being given.

A letter jewelery can be given to anyone, and gender, age and style are completely irrelevant. It's a piece of jewelry that suits everyone! There are, for example, many people who give their lover a necklace or an earring with their own initial in it. The intention is that it should remind one's lover that you will always be by his or her side.

It may also be that you want to give your girlfriend, wife or husband a piece of jewelery with the first letter of your common child in it. If you have several children, you can advantageously choose a necklace, as more letter pendants can easily be added. It's a cute and personalized gift that we're sure your better half will love to wear every single day.

Perhaps you would like to give your best friend a necklace with both of your initials as pendants. It can be a nice reminder of your strong friendship and that you will always support each other.


Gold-plated jewelry with letters

At Jewelry by Grundled, we sell a selection of jewelery with letters in gold-plated materials. One of the ambitions of our business is to design and create good quality jewelery that everyone can afford. With us, you can always buy really fine jewelery that will last for many years, without having to bring out the big wallet.

The jewelery you will find on this page is 18 carat gold-plated. You can therefore be sure that you will get a piece of jewelery that has a luxurious and elegant look to it. In general, the characteristic of our jewelery is that it is both simple and feminine. We want to create jewelery that you want to wear every day and that suits every occasion. We hope that you would like to click one or more of our pieces of jewelery home and make them part of your unique look.