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But what is the jewelry trend in 2021? As with almost everything else in the whole world, Corona has also had an influence on the jewelery trend in 2021. Based on the countless virtual meetings, the fashion industry has invented the concept of waist-up dressing. Waist-up dressing means, in its simplicity, that you are casual from the waist down, and here jewelery plays a big role, as jewelery gives you the feeling of being nicely dressed in everyday life, which for many for a long period has mostly consisted of of casual homewear. Therefore, we see that the jewelery in 2021 must be large and voluminous with a classic retro look. For example, the classic panzer and mustens chains have once again gained traction in jewelery fashion.

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As with clothing, it is also the big fashion houses around the world who set the agenda in jewelery trends. The big fashion houses find their inspiration in society's movements and development. In some seasons you will find that the jewelery must be voluminous and flashy, while in other periods you will see simple and elegant jewelery on the catwalk. In addition, the fashion industry is also constantly reinventing itself. Perhaps you have inherited some jewelery from your grandparents or parents, which after many years in the drawer become modern again. We often see this cycle in jewelry fashion.

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At Jewelry by Grundled we also see on what is happening in the fashion industry when we design our new jewelery collections. But we also draw on other sources of inspiration, such as the raw beauty of nature and the Nordic design tradition, which gives the jewelery a more simple, minimalist and timeless expression. That's why our Scarlett in gold-plated and silver-plated and Sharin earrings in gold-plated and silver-plated really popular in 2021 as they are aesthetically beautiful and eye-catching but also simple and timeless at the same time. Get inspired and see our entire selection of Danish handmade jewelryhere on the webshop.

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